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Trans Spectra Limited is primarily a research and development company providing consultancy services in the field of design of scientific instruments combining expertise in vacuum technology, mass spectrometry, electronics and software.

Trans Spectra Limited also offers customised construction of instruments from its range of trace gas analysers based on the SIFT-MS and FA-MS techiques.

Trans Spectra Limited won a SMART Award in the year 2003

The Department of Trade & Industry SMART award (Small firms Merit Award for Research & Technology) is a reflection of our commitment to delivering the best possible combination of technical expertise and the latest scientific knowledge to our customers.

Products include custom designed trace gas analysers based on the established SIFT-MS and FA-MS techniques.

Principles of the SIFT-MS technique are explained at:
SIFT-MS technique

The range of applications in science can be seen from the selection of articles from this
MEDLINE search

FA-MS technique

Trans Spectra Limited was formed and registered as a U.K. limited company in August 2001.

The mission statement of the company is “From scientific concepts to productive instrumentation”. The company carries out research and development work in the field of scientific instrumentation and provides contract consultancy and design services. The objective is to produce scientific instruments for specific analytical applications.

The unique advantage of Trans Spectra Limited is its ability to combine specialist knowledge and skills in physics, chemistry, vacuum technology and mass spectrometry and its considerable experience in construction and use of scientific instrumentation, including electronic systems and software. Thus, Trans Spectra Limited is able to produce reliable designs for instruments and oversee their commissioning and testing.

We have access to skilled mechanical design engineers and also have established links to suppliers and manufactures of related technologies in Europe.

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