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SIFT-MS: Customised SIFT-MS instruments

Custom built instruments for Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry. Complete control over the selection of the precursor ions for chemical ionisation in the flow tube. Absoulte quantification using the defined flow tube kinetics. No need for calibration. Real time, on-line analyses of air, breath and headspace above liquids.

Typical SIFT-MS instrument specification.

Microwave discharge ion source (2.45 GHz, 10 to 30 W adjustable power)

Injection quadrupole upto m/z 50

SIFT Injector (stainless steel+PEEK)

Flow tube with a direct breath sample inlet

Flow tube pump (rotary pump/Roots booster combination)

Sampling orifice (0.3 mm)

Two high vacuum compartments (operating pressure in 10-5 Torr range)

Quadrupole mass spectrometer (m/z range 10 to 250, unit resolution)

Pulse counting ion detector

Integrated data system for real time data analysis

Automated vacuum and gas flow control

User friendly system control software.

Complete consultancy packages are available, including full sets of engineering drawings, circuit diagrams, software and advice on purchasing of the components directly from their manufacturers. This allows those customers working on tighter budget to build their own instruments. This option is especially attractive for academic reasearch laboratories.






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